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Fuel Types

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  • Wood Burning or Multi-Fuel

    The main difference between a multi-fuel and wood burning stove is that a wood burning stove is designed purely for the burning of wood, whereas a multi-fuel stove is designed to burn wood, along with other solid fuels, including coal, smokeless fuel, etc...

    A clear physical difference between a multi-fuel and wood burning stove is the grate. Multi fuel stoves will normally have a grate which provides an airflow underneath the coal, or wood, as well as from above so it burns efficiently. Wood is usually burnt on a bed of ash and a wood burning stove only takes air from above to ensure that the wood doesn't burn too quickly.

    To burn coal efficiently, it is recommended to clear ash. The riddling grate, available on some stoves, forces the ash fall into the ash pan, however, if your stove does not have a riddling grate, a poker can be used. Multi fuel stoves are also developed with ash pans. The ash pan is designed to catch the ash that falls from the grate. Wood-burning stoves do not have a removable ash pan.

    Mutli fuel stoves are more popular than wood burning stoves, as they have the option of burning a variety of fuel types. Many stove models now offer an option to purchase either multi fuel, or wood burning conversion kits.